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Welcome to the website / web store for the photographer Jason Wolf.  Within the site you will find information about Jason, his photography, images & prints, portait sessions and  information on his highly recommended photography workshops.  In addition, there is a contact us section, where you can find out how to contact us and ask us any questions you might have. 


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Prints and posters are available in sizes ranging from 5x7 to 20x24


Interactive Photography workshops s 

Thank you for your support and the memories!

In October 2015 we hosted workshops for the season, and will be going on hiatus for 2016. Regrettably, this will probably have been our final year hosting workshops in the Chicago Loop.

Yes, it is sad to sit here and to type this announcement but it is true, this will be the last year that I plan to host our workshops in Chicago due to the fact that my wife and I have moved our permanent residence outside of Chicago and given we will be welcoming our first child this winter. Therefore it will be time for me to spend less time on the road traveling between and more time at home with the family.

Looking back, I must say that it has been a wonderful experience to be able to host these workshops for the past 7 years , and that I have been blessed beyond what my words can express to have had the privilege of serving so many fabulous clients from around the world, and to have had so much support that allowed us to be able to grow this part of our business year after year.   BUT the time has come where I would like to spend more time at home with my family..so as much as I hate to step away from teaching...the time is right.